Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Latest Facilities @ akkanadans Kalari

Homestay, Hotels Resorts. Travel desks, Tour operations and houseboat, cultural programmes, (Kathakali: Kalarippayattu demonstrations ) Elephant Safari, Traditional food.

Akkanattu Family

Akkanadu family has centuries of oldness and tradition and at the time of King’s rule it was the ministerial house. This great family gave birth to great Magicians, Upasakar, astrologers Sanskrit Scholars (like N.Raghava menon, Narayana menon etc) and great warriors. 

The Prominent person among the predecessors of that great family is Devaki amma teacher who gives supervision to all the activities of kalari and temple. Respected Sri Vasudeva menon also gives guidance to the activities. 


Kalarippayattu is known worldwide as “the mother of martial arts” Originally it is a great martial science. Art is a part of it.

It is related to “Vedas” the existence of Indian culture and is infected from “Sri Parameswara” the “Omnipotent master of all arts and science , to his disciple “sri Parasurama” and from “sri Parasurama’ it is provided to the whole humanity. So “sri parasurama” is believed and worshipped as “ the master of Kalarippayattu”.

Through kalarippayattu, the scientific ways of defencing, attacking methods can be obtained and gain authority over the opponent and will help a person to develop his personality. It also develops “ splendour, beauty, concentration, originality, determination, spirituality, willpower, wisdom, knowledge, creativity, patriotism, adventure, body science and all the trainings which help a person’s overall development .

When kalarippayattu comes to Kalari chikilsa (treatment) the great Martial art is converted to science of living.