Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Kalarippayattu is known worldwide as “the mother of martial arts” Originally it is a great martial science. Art is a part of it.

It is related to “Vedas” the existence of Indian culture and is infected from “Sri Parameswara” the “Omnipotent master of all arts and science , to his disciple “sri Parasurama” and from “sri Parasurama’ it is provided to the whole humanity. So “sri parasurama” is believed and worshipped as “ the master of Kalarippayattu”.

Through kalarippayattu, the scientific ways of defencing, attacking methods can be obtained and gain authority over the opponent and will help a person to develop his personality. It also develops “ splendour, beauty, concentration, originality, determination, spirituality, willpower, wisdom, knowledge, creativity, patriotism, adventure, body science and all the trainings which help a person’s overall development .

When kalarippayattu comes to Kalari chikilsa (treatment) the great Martial art is converted to science of living.

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